Solar Trac
Solar Trac
Flexible supply and return lines for solar heated water systems.

Technical Information / Solar-Trac® Flexible Corrugated Steel Supply Lines

Solar Thermal Water Heating System Piping Solar Water Heating System Piping

OmegaFlex proudly introduces Solar-Trac®, flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel insulated and un-insulated supply and return lines for residential and commercial solar heated domestic hot water systems. Solar-Trac's® advanced corrugated tubing coupled with Solar-Flare™ self-flaring fittings offers installers the highest levels of quality for tomorrow's energy.

Flexible Solar Thermal Water Heating System Piping

Solar-Flare™ Fittings Benefits:

  • Self-flaring
  • No special tools
  • Reliable metal-to metal sealing surface
  • No gaskets or rubber washers

Solar-Trac® Benefits:

  • T316L Stainless Steel
  • Available sizes from 3/8" thru 2"
  • Tubing bends by hand
  • Routes easily around obstacles
  • Cuts using standard tubing cutter
  • Special lengths available

Solar-Trac® Insulated and Un-insulated Flexible SST Piping (T316L Corrugated Stainless Steel)

  Sizes Max Temp Reel Lengths Max Pressure R-Value End Connection
Un-Insulated 3/8" – 2" 300°F 200 Ft. 3/8” – 1”/125 Psig
1 ¼” – 2”/ 55 Psig
Insulated 3/8" – 1 1/4" 300°F 100 Ft. 3/8” – 1”/125 Psig
1 ¼” – 2”/ 55 Psig
Solar-Flare™ Fittings 3/8" – 2" NPT
*Additional lengths, fittings, couplings and accessories available

At OmegaFlex®, we’re committed to providing our customers with the most in depth and up-to-date information about our products. Click on the links below to download information about Solar-Trac® listings and approvals along with various technical documents and manuals. Note: All documents are in PDF format. Click here if you do not have a PDF viewer installed.

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